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Johann Grobler

Johann started his entrepreneurial career at school as a door-to-door broom salesman, selling rubber brooms for additional pocket money. After matriculating, the owner of a travel agency offered him a job as a travel consultant job when she saw his broom selling skills.

He also joined a multi-level marketing business and soon his part-time, after hours business generated a larger income than his full-time occupation.

This income enabled him to pursue his studies at the University of Pretoria. Here he completed a BCom degree and an MBA, majoring in Strategic Marketing Management and Investment Management.

Johann always had a heart for the plight of the poor and became very involved politically at UP, eventually becoming the President of the Student Representative Council and was instrumental in driving many transformational issues at the University of Pretoria, creating a multi-racial institution.  During he studies he  purchased his first property only with a business case and some chutzpah. The power of good leverage and positive cash flow were some of the high level lessons that he learnt during this time.

After University he joined Accenture and then First National Bank, where he became the Head: Middle Market Strategy, responsible for the then 1.2mil bread basket customers of FNB as well as the CEO of Package Solutions, a small product house creating niche market offers.

In 2006 Johann decided to leave the corporate world to pursue a life of more significance, making real differences on grass roots level. He joined a property development company as an equity partner and project manager and has successfully delivered a number of complexes.

Socio-economic issues is becoming more important every day and he is passionate about building South Africa, making a real difference in the life’s of our people by skills transfer, relieving poverty, job creation and creating communities that’s healthy. Johann is actively involved in a number of social upliftment projects and a Trustee of the Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation.

Johann is passionate about the industry, our country and the plight of our people. He is proud of and embraces his mixed race heritage of African, Malayan, Indian, Dutch and German ancestors, making him a true rainbow nation citizen. He remains the "hands on" driving force behind the companies, instilling that same passion in those who work with him.

The best way to describe him is a capitalist with a socialist heart.

Hlala Kamnandi Properties Team: About
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Hlala Kamnandi Properties Team

Every year we try to do a year-end activity that is fun for the whole family, but also educational to our team members. In 2017 and by demand again in 2018 we went to the Joburg Zoo. Many of our people have never seen wild animals. It was an amazing and humbling experience to all of us!

From left to right: Johann Grobler, Lucky Maluleka, Jackson Assan, Elias Kutu, Minky Mhlongo, Charles Sono, Sipho Mokalapa, Annah Thokoane, Yolandie Botha. Absent: Simon Thinane

Hlala Kamnandi Properties Team: Image
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