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Hlala Kamnandi Developments presents a total turn-key package deal which includes the town planning, land surveying, geotechnical investigation, civil and electrical design, installation of services (water, sewerage, electrical reticulation as well as roads and stormwater), development finance, marketing, end-user finance and the building of houses, apartment blocks, schools and commercial complexes.

Essential to all of this is community involvement and empowerment, local skills transfer and the delivery of projects on time, in budget, without compromising quality.

Design elements are critical for healthy suburbs that create hope, dignity and a better life for all, no matter how poor or rich you are. Our suburbs are not just square houses, stacked in rows with gable to gable roof types, all looking exactly the same, but suburbs, with several different house designs that make provision for southern and northern entry from the street front to maximize natural sunlight and heat in the winter.

The internal layouts are optimized to minimize any wasted space like passages; we’ve even created space specifically for one of the favourite appliances in the affordable housing segment - double door fridges, the appliance that is always in the way and usually clogs up the living space.

Hlala Kamnandi Developments don’t provide houses, we provide homes. The usual optional extras that differentiate houses from homes, are included as standard in the selling price. 

In the sectional title developments a turn-key solution for the body corporate to function from day one is provided.

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