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The Hlala Kamnandi Developments vision is to be “A leading, exceptional value supplier of housing in the African context” through our mission of “People making a difference, in a company making a difference”

Building homes cannot be seen in isolation. Making a real difference is achieved through a systematic, holistic approach considering much more than the usual norm; from the architectural design of houses, the environment, delivering unbeatable economic value to creating family friendly environments.

The question is often asked how we deliver such exceptional value. This is achieved by leveraging of competencies and skill-sets through vertical integration as well as our willingness to realize smaller profit margins than the market norm. Our home owners must always feel they get more value than what they are paying for.

Hlala Kamnandi Developments is a capitalist company with a social heart.

The company has a passion to house and improve the lives of as many of our people possible.

We are shape shifters and trendsetters.

We do what people believe cannot be done.

We care about the smallest design details and the huge impact when a person most probably makes their biggest financial commitment.

We believe that every person should be treated as a first class citizen, deserving nothing but the best value for money, respect and a property to be proud of.

We are, planting trees, knowing we might never sit in its shade.

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