Hlala Kamnandi is a highly successful, award winning, development company with a vibrant professional team who accepts the challenge the developing world offers.

Core to the philosophy of the company is embracing the responsibility to make a positive difference in people’s life’s and communities, building sustainable environments, giving hope and dignity and creating wealth for every individual homeowner.

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With our vast experience, we know how to walk through the property development minefield.

This includes the acquisition of land, town planning (including full township establishment or rezoning processes), the Project Management of all project components, the Costings and Feasibilities and Financing, Appointment of Architects and ​Engineers (structural, services, fire), City Council Approvals, Legal Processes (township register, consolidations, sub-divisions, sectional title register, proclamations), Land Surveying Processes, Infrastructure Installation, Marketing and Sales and finally the Construction of the Development.

As a developer passionate about the creation of healthy communities, Hlala Kamnandi has a track record in the niche market of integrated affordable housing developments as well as mid-to-high income sectional title developments.

The company's end-to-end solutions and expertise with dedicated management, focus on high growth niche markets, ensuring a deep pool of expertise in each of Hlala Kamnandi's service areas.

Property developments

The full range of developments completed by Hlala Kamnandi to date includes infrastructure such as electrical, water and sewer reticulation and road construction, redevelopments, development and construction of newly built family units.

Projects are carried out alone or in strategic partnerships with municipal councils, land owners and financial institutions.


Concurrent Municipal and Developer Development Value Chain Process

The image below shows the parallel process in the Development Value Chain. The Municipal and Commercial processes run concurrently.


Full Turn-Key Development Examples


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